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Bespoke Shutters

All of our shutters come from Clarke & Clarke and come in a range of different types and styles.

Carter & Clark

The Hybrawood Range

The Hybrawood range breathes high quality and durability. It’s ideal for everyday living.

The outer bones of the shutter is constructed from solid hardwood, with ultra durable aluminium core running through each of the polyvinyl slats.

This makes it significantly longer lasting than other entry level shutters on the market and resists damage. It’s built to last, it’s strong, and will age well with time.

The Baswood Range

If we could only supply one shutter range to our customers, it would have to be our Basswood.

This shutter is a strong ‘all-rounder’ with its ability to fit seamlessly into any shape and sized window - even the largest.

You’ll see zero MDF at Clarke & Clarke. Our Basswood range is made from 100% premium basswood timber.

The Ashwood Range

If you want your shutters to look like high quality wood, our Ashwood is the single best range to deliver on that expectation.

It’s deep textured grain gives a sophisticated natural wood look that will without a doubt set us apart from any competitors.

Aluminium Core PV

The hard as nails shutter, resistant to water and humidity. For those areas of the home where windows are in direct contact with water, our customers want shutters that will stand up to moisture not warp over time.

Clarke & Clarke’s waterproof shutters are built to withstand the harshest of environments.


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