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Advantages Of Window Blinds

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  • 17-04-2020
Advantages Of Window Blinds

What Are The Advantages Of Window Blinds?

When you are looking to replace your window treatments, window blinds offer a practical and beautiful addition to any room.

Installing window blinds provides an easy and effective way to update the appearance of any room in your home.

When you decide to change the interior design of your home, window treatments are one of the most effective ways to transform the appearance of a room.

Window blinds have become a popular option for modern homes. In many ways, blinds offer a more appealing choice over curtains.

What Are The Advantages Of Window Blinds

What are the benefits of window blinds?

Blinds can be installed either for practical or for aesthetic reasons. But why should I choose to install blinds over curtains?

Below are some of the reasons why homeowners prefer blinds to curtains:

Variety of styles

What are the benefits of window blinds?

Blinds are used in today's homes throughout the house including the kitchen, living room, or bathroom. Whether you choose Roman blinds, vertical blinds, mini blinds or cordless blinds, you can match the style to the rest of your home design.

Each person's home is a reflection of their personality. For this reason, you want your blind to work with the hues and patterns of your decor.

There is a wide range of styles, patterns and colours to choose from when selecting your window blind.

This means that you can create the perfect look for any room in your home.

Controlling light

You can use slatted window blinds to adjust the light coming into a room through the window. By tilting the slats or opening or closing them, you can have complete control over privacy and how much light is let in.

In contrast, a curtain can only be either open or closed. This means that the light is focused all on one area and not evenly distributed throughout the room.

The most efficient use of your blinds is tilting the slats to allow light in but also keeping your interior private. Binds offer great privacy while not completely shutting out sunlight.

Aesthetically pleasing window blinds

Strict safety standards

Modern window blinds follow strict safety standards to ensure children or animals do not get tangled up in the chords and slats.

Blinds designed with safety in mind employ modern technology such as cordless blinds and remote controlled raising.

Many years ago, there were issues raised with the safety of blinds concerning children an pets which is no longer the case.

Aesthetically pleasing

The modern consumer has become more aware of interior design aesthetics. As a result, homeowners demand window treatments to match their more sophisticated styles.

Blind manufacturers are always on the lookout for modern trends and continue to produce stylish blinds for the contemporary home.

Window blinds will often be produced from wood or a synthetic wood imitation. This leads to your window blinds looking elegant and traditional.

Wooden window blinds can become aged due to exposure from sunlight, however. So synthetic wood is a popular and more durable option for homes that want the look of wood that lasts longer.

Another more sleek design aesthetic is the edgy and industrial look achieved from metal blinds.

Easy to clean and maintain

Window blinds offer an easy to maintain option for window treatment. Dusting and cleaning blinds, couldn't e easier. Simply wipe them down to keep them dust-free.

It is recommended that you should dust down your blinds at least twice a year with a feather duster or dry cloth.

Compared to cleaning other window treatments such as curtains, blinds offer hassle-free maintenance.

Cleaning curtains is a difficult task, as you need to take them down from the window and wash them to find specialist dry cleaning services.

Improving energy efficiency

Most window treatment offer energy efficiency benefits. Blinds also provide great insulation for your home.

Your window blinds will trap air between them and the window which insulates your home against heat or cold.

Your window blinds will trap air between them and the window which insulates your home against heat or cold.

Wide variety of materials

The type of materials that you choose for your blind will depend on your budget and the style that you are trying to achieve.

Looking through the wide selection of materials available for your blind design, you can find the perfect finish to compliment any room.

Wooden blinds offer a timeless look that works with contemporary and traditional homes.

If you have a lot of wooden furniture in your home or you have wall hues that work well with wood, then wooden blinds provide a perfect addition.

However wooden blinds can be an expensive option if you are decorating you home on a small budget. To get the same look at an affordable price, you can opt for faux wood styles.

Whatever the look that you are going for, you will find a material that will help you create the ideal finish for your windows.

Alongside wooden blinds, you can choose synthetic wood, aluminium, bamboo, plastic and other materials to suit your home.

Curtains VS Blinds Which To Choose?

Curtains VS Blinds Which To Choose?

Find the perfect blind for the windows in your home.

Whatever the style of your home, finding the right blind is easy.

If you are working to a budget, blinds often cost less than curtains for the same size window.Because there is so many styles, materials and colours available, you can easily find the perfect window blinds for your home.

Are you looking to buy a bespoke window blind?

From stylish wooden Venetian blinds to motorised roller blinds, you can find a range of styles and designs that can transform your living space.

If you live in the Northamptonshire area, you can come in and discuss the best options available. We offer made to measure Roman, roller, Venetian, pleated and vertical blinds.

Speak to our design expert today to discuss the shades, colours, materials and styles available.